Saturday, May 26, 2012

Part of the Playlist for 5/25/12

Euthanasia Can't Sleep had the wonderful opportunity to host an interning DJ this week! I would like to thank Jimmy for doing such a great job and filling my second hour with wonderful music choices! BTW...I don't have his playlist, but if I spot him hanging around the station I will be sure to update this post!
I would also like to thank Michael Brutality for bringing food and bad jokes:D
So here is the music I provided for the first hour and a bit of the end of the show:

Playlist 5/18/12

Special thanks to DJ Alex from Palette Swapped and Michael Brutality for coming on the air and keeping us all entertained. They also put up with my lame hints for song and band titles. That makes them cool.

Playlist 5/11/12

Guest host Michael was on the air helping me out!
And many a joke was made.
You know you loved my hints. :P

Playlist 5/4/12

Playlist 4/27/12