Friday, June 29, 2012

Just another memo

I almost forgot to mention it but my show times changed!!! For those of you tuning in at 2am to listen, you may have to stay up a bit later. My new time slot is 3am-6am on friday mornings. So same day and only a slightly different time. If you like, you can now take a nap before tuning in! Or you can listen to some of the other really great shows that are on before me! This also means I have three hours to torture you guys with my music. Pain equates pleasure, right?

Playlist 6/29/12

Really fun show last night, but I made the mistake of getting no sleep before the show. I need to change my habits!!!

Man or Astro-man? - ___/Myopia - EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide 
Jeans Wilder - Gravity Bong - Totally 
***Ramona Falls - Archimedes Plutonium - Prophet 
***Nice Face - Asymptotes I - Horizon Fires 
***Niki and the Dove - Mother Protect - Niki and the Dove 12 Instinct 
***Lemonade - Neptune - Diver 
***The Intelligence - Fidelity - Everybody’s Got it Easy But Me
***Heavy Cream - The Jam - Super Treatment
***Alex Winston - Fire Ant - King Con
***Heavy Cream - Louise - Super Treatment
***Black Taxi - Holding on to Nothing - We Don’t Know Any Better
***Allo Darlin’ - Tallulah - Europe 
Willis Earl Beal - Cosmic Queries - Acoustmatic Sorcery 
The Man Made Brain - Tiramisu - Vector-Based Fiction
Marked Men - You Said Enough / Stay Home - Fix My Brain 
The Marilyn Decade - Where Angels Walk - The Marilyn Decade 
The Marshmallow Overcoat - Carnival of Souls - Marshmallow Overcoat 
Masters of Reality - 100 Years (Of Tears On The Wind) - Sunrise on the Sufferbus
Two Gallants - The Throes - The Throes
Trail By Fire - Friendly Fire / Pilot Light - Ringing In the Dawn
The Trash Monsters - The Lovin’ I’m After / Live Fast, Die Young - Trash Monsters 
The Tossers - Chicago / Time To Go - Purgatory
Tiger Bear Wolf - Night Shades - Tiger Bear Wolf
Pistol Grip - Can’t Keep Us Silent / Lead the Way - Tear It All Down!
Pilot Scott Tracy - Take Flight II - We Cut Loose!
No Motiv - Synchronicity II - Policia: A Tribute to the Police 
Maxeen - Murder By Numbers - Policia: A tribute to the Police 
The Shutdowns - Friends -T-75
6 going on 7 - Proof Positive / Valentine, They’re Dropping Like Flies - Heartbreak’s Got Backbeat 
The Skulls - Monet - The Golden Age of Piracy
Slick Shoes - Silence - Slick Shoes [EP]
Magnus Dominus Corpus - Sleep a Little Less, Dream a Little More - Corpses of the Ultimate Dominators

Playlist 6/22/12

My first three hour Show!!!!!

Nkosi - Blk Sonshine - Putumayo (4)
Beautiful Feet - Nibs Van Der Spuy - Putumayo Presents Africa (5)
Crosstalk - Leigh Cline - Orient Express (5)
Fak’lbhande (Don’t Drink and Drive) - Lady Smith Black Mambazo - Raise Your Spirit Higher (12)
American Psychopath / Columbus, TX - Skandalous All-Stars - Age of Insects (1,2)
International War Criminal / Keep It Simple - The Slackers - International War Criminals (3,4)
Baby Snake / Condor - Slow Gherkin - Run Screaming (7,8)
American Sour / Whiskey Sour - Sixer - Beautiful Trash (5,6)
Protect and Serve - High and Low / Stiff Little Fingers - Guitar and Drum (13,14)
Strawberry Skin, Where have you been? - Spirit Fangs - Read My Palm Revenant (11)
A Beautiful Plan - So They Say - Antidote for Irony (11)
Ten A.M. (Good morning Mr. Coalacanth) / New Academy - Snapcase - Bright Flashes (5,6)
Dismember Them - Neither/Neither World - Tales of True Crime (last one)
Necessary Evil - Needulhed - Pave the Planet (11)
Glass (Live) / Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover) - Killing Floor - /Dev/Null (10)
Sanctuary(Extended Version) - Nine - Dreamland (last one)
Are You Alive? - Neuroticfish - Gelb (9)
Sipsi - Talip Ozkan - The Dark Fire (7)
Fly - Ilhan Erashin - Sahara Lounge (9)

Playlist 6/15/12

Playlist 6/8/12

Manipulation - Black Angels - Passover

Heart+Soul - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Take Them On, On Your Own

Acid Fight - Blood On The Wall - Liferz 

The Lowest Bitter - Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends 

Cosmic Highway -  The Les Claypool - Purple Onion 

Forgiveness - At The Skylines - The Secrets to Life 

Beach Fossils - Shallow / Lessons

Winter Solstice - Cold Specks - Winter Solstice EP

Medicine - Alex Winston - King Con 

Scarlet, 6(Sugar) - 2:54 - 2:54

This show was an interesting one. The snakes at the station decided to mess with our auxiliary cable and so I had to change the format of the show right as the show started. Good thing I had everything I needed on CD!!!! Darn Snakes!!!
I was also pretty impressed with myself for getting them together so quickly:D

Playlist 6/1/12

Free Tickets!

Exciting show tonight!!! Also I will be giving away tickets to see Russian Circles at the El Rey tonight!!! First to message me or call in gets them!!!