Sunday, July 29, 2012

Playlist 7/28/12

Pretty mellow show this week:) I had Alex on for the first hour or so and I played an episode of Batman. Gotta love those old shows!!!!

***Alex Winston - Medicine - King Con
***Future of the Left - City of Exploded Children - The Plot Against Common Sense
***Birds and Batteries - Stray Light - Stray Light 
***Sundress - California Dames / Pilot Wings - California Dames / Pilot Wings
***Carrousel - Where Do We Go From Here - Rue De Mi’chelle  
***Dirty Projectors - Just from Chevron - Swing Lo Magellan 
***Audiafauna - Feathers [Feat. The Album Leaf] - Grow Down 
***Beachwood Sparks - Leave That Light On - The Tarnished Gold 
***Crocodiles - Hung Up on A Flower - Endless Flowers 
***Deep Sea Arcade - Ride - Outlands 
***Dent May - Best Friends - Do Things 
***Hot Chip - Flutes - In Our Heads 
***The Henry Clay People - Backseat of a Cab - Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives
***The Psyched - Oh Yeah / Hey Mona - the Psyched 
***Pomegranates - Letters - Heaven 
***Saint Motel - Daydream / Wetdream / Nightmare - Voyeur
***VIOLINS - Every Melting Degree - True
Atom and His Package - Sebastian in Nigeria / Wonderman - Hamburgers [EP]
Band of Horses - The Funeral / Monsters - Everything All the Time
Picasso Trigger - Count To Ten - Fire In the Hole
Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill / Infinity Guitars - Treats
Gogol Bordello - Dub the Frequencies of Love - Super Taranta!
Refused - This Trust Will Kill Again - Song To Fan the Flames of Discontent 
The Riverboat Gamblers - Ice Water - Something to Crow About
The Receiving End of Sirens - The War of All Against All - Between the Heart and the Synapse
Bad Brains - Roll On / Send You No Flowers - Build A Nation 

Playlist 7/21/12

Had a special guest from Canada on this week!!!! 

Band of Skulls - Cold Fame - Baby Darling Face Honey
Best Coast - No One Like You - The Only Place 
Betty Moon - Elegy - Rollin Revolution 
Bill Baird - I’m Sad But I Can’t Play the Blues - Career 
The Cambodian Space Odyssey - Have Visa, No Have Rice - 2011: A Space Odyssey 
Ceremony - Brace Yourself - Zoo
Chuck Ragan - Geraldine - Feast or Famine 
Cocorosie - Grey Oceans - Grey Oceans
Curse - Graveyard Shuffle - Curse
Death from Above 1979 - Romantic Rights - You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine 
Dethklok - Dethharmonic - the Dethalbum 
Disappears - Love Drug - Pre Language 
Evans The Death - Wet Blanket - Evans The Death 
The Explosion - Bullet - Sick of Modern Art 
First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar - The lion’s Roar
Gamma Ray - Damn the Machine - No World Order 
The Marilyn Decade - Where Angels Walk - The Marilyn Decade 
Matt Keating - Killjoy - Killjoy
Mind Spiders - Skull Eyed - Meltdown 
Peggy Sue - Parking Meters Blues - Acrobats 
Talip Ozkan - Koroglu - The Dark Fire 
West Indian Girl - Still Lost - West Indian Girl
Jarvis Cocker - A Drop of Nelson’s Blood - Roue’s Gallery
Thrall - Get Up and Go to Work - Lifer
Throw Rag - Mission’s Message - Desert Shores 
Roses Are Red - Oceans - Conversations 
Salem - Aphrodite’s Tears - Love it or Leave Me (EP)
Counter Riot - Get Off - Punk Funk Fugato! 
Escape the Fate - It’s Just Me - This War is Ours
The Exit - Watertown - New Beat
Fleshies - You’re All Doomed - The Sicilian
Darkbuster - Give Up Dope - A Weakness for Spirits 
Destruction Unit - Race/Time - Destruction Unit 
The Dingees - Rebel Youth - Armageddon Massive 
The Gits - Precious Blood - Seafish Louisville 
Gang Green - Tricked Into Bed Again / Wash the Blood - Another Case of Brewtality 
Fucked Up - Carried Out to Sea - Hidden World 
Paddy Casey - Addicted to Company - Addicted to Company 
Paris, Texas - One Hot Coma - Like You Like An Arsonist 

Playlist 7/13/12

Friday, July 13, 2012

Playlist 7/6/12

And a Special thanks to Dr. Mary Pham for subbing for me!!!! 

I'm Back!

Had a sub last week and I figured I should let you all know that I will be hosting Euthanasia Can't Sleep tonight from 3am to 6am! So if you happen to have a case of insomnia, then you should stay up with me and tune in. However, if you aren't a night owl, then you should just wake up early and hang out with the cool kids!!! There will be rock and there will be roll, I promise ;)
Also here is a cute picture of my pet turtle, just because I can post it.