Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few Announcements!

Good Evening Folks!!!!

Got another episode/show/installment of Euthanasia Can't Sleep tonight(this morning) at 3am (pacific time)! That's less than one hour away from air time! So Tune in or stream in! Seriously! Got a pretty good show planned, lot's of punk :D AND I'm scheduled to have an intern on the show! Pretty excited to see what kind of music he is planning to play for everyone!

ALSO!!!! I'm getting a sub to babysit my show next week, but don't worry, I will be back the next week:) Give the sub some love and tune in next week as well!

This image might be a hint as to why I need a sub next week!

8/24/12 Playlist!!!!

Great show this week, totally upbeat. Thanks for listening and following!!!!

8/17/2012 Playlist!

playlist 8/10/12 (part 1) with guest michael brutality!

Had Michael Brutality on the show this week, and he might have forgotten to send me his playlist, so if you have any questions about what was played on the tenth, contact me and I can get you the information! :D Thanks guys!

Playlist 8/3/12

Friday, August 17, 2012

Just an Idea

Been watching the Power thirst videos and I'm trying to decide whether or not they are radio friendly. Tune in around 3am to find out my decision!