Monday, September 24, 2012

Playlist 9/21/12

Euthanasia Can’t Sleep 9/21/12

Alex Winston - The Fold - King Con

Bad Brains - Roll On - Build A Nation

Band of Horses - The Funeral - Everything All The Time

Krakatoa - Broken Mirror - Channel Static Blackout

The Sea and Cake - New Patterns - Runner

Cold Specks - Holland - Winter Solstice, EP

Bangs - Licorice Whip - Sweet Revenge

Bantam Rooster - Bantam Rooster Theme - Deal Me In

Betty Moon - I’ve Got This - Rollin Revolution 

Bill Baird - Stingk - Career

The Music Tapes - The Big Beautiful Shops - Mary’s Voice 

Blackfire - American Movement Song - Silence is a Weapon

The BrianJonestown Massacre - Whoever You Are - Give it Back! 

Broken Spindles - You’re Happy But Not For Long - Kiss/Kick

Come - Let’s Get Lost - Don’t Ask Don’t Tell 

Comets On Fire - Ghosts of the Cosmos - Comets On Fire 

Evans the Death - Sleeping Song/So Long - Evans the Death

Evil Mothers - 9000 Lbs. - Pitchforks and Perverts 

DarkDriveClinic - Bite My Tongue - Noise In My Head

Faux Jean - She Comes From Money - The Mongolian Invasion

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart - If I Had A Heart

The Forty-Fives - Get Out - Get It Together

Fu Manchu - Space Farm- Dare Devil

Gemma Ray - I’m Gonna Lock My Heart - It’s A Shame About Gemma Ray

Guitar Wolf - Love Rock 

Hunx - Hairdresser Blues - Hairdresser Blues 

Ima Robot - Scream - Ima Robot 

Get Hustle - Song for the Little Ones - Earth Odyssey 

The Januaries - Love Met the Devil - The Januaries 

Man Man - Shameless - Life Fantastic 

***The Daredevil Christopher Wright - Andrew the Wanderer - The Nature of Things 

***Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone - Beacon 

***Bob Mould - Keep Believing - Silver Age 

***Amanda Palmer Featuring The Grand Theft Orchestra - Bottomfeeder - Theatre Is Evil

***Animal Collective - Applesauce - Centipede Hz

***Yeasayer - Reagan’s Skeleton - Fragrant World 

Playlist 9/14/12

Playlist 9/14/12 

Euthanasia Can’t Sleep 

Hundred Waters - Sonnet - Hundred Waters

Ink & Dagger - She Came Crashing - Ink & Dagger

Ima Robot - Song#1 - Ima Robot

Peter Kater - A Fresh Wind - 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

Issi Rozen - Red Sea - Red Sea

Ravi Shankar - Ragas In Minor Scale - The Essential Ravi Shankar: Into the West

Kemani Nubar - Bahriya Cifte Telli - Istanbul 1925

Nesrin Sipahi - Sana Ey Canimin Cani Efendim Kirildim - Sharki: Love Songs of Istanbul

Badar Ali Khan & Baba Varma - Kalander Trance Remix - Lost in Qawwaii II

Various - Samr-Gwet - Mon Music of Burma

Girl’s Against Boys - Black Leather - Disco Six Six Six

Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains - Buckethead - The Big Eyeball In the Sky

The Gits - It All Dies Anyway - Kings and Queens

Aleutian - The American Hotel (Revised) - Frame Digging

The Godrays - Crazy - Songs for T.V. Stars

The Gerbils - A Song of Love - The Battle of Electricity 

Gay Witch Abortion - Church Buffet - Maverick 

Gang Gang Dance - Adult Goth - Eye Contact 

Cult of Youth - The Pole Star - Cult of Youth

Crystal Antlers - Memorized - Tentacles 

Computer Magic - Running - Electronic Fences  ( EP )

James Combs - One Hand Clapping - Please Come Down 

Pulse Legion - Disillusion - Evolve 

Mussolini Headkick - Holy War - Blood on the Flag

Mesh - Shattered Glass - Only Better 

Pilot Scott Tracy - Take a Flight II - We Cut Loose

Penal Colony - Reconciled - Put Your Hands Down 

Skin Chamber - Sloven - Trail

Soren S - Cipher - The Dying Man

Friday, September 14, 2012

Playlist 9/7/12

I missed you guys this week, but my sub did a great job! Thanks Melissa! 

And in no particular order, the songs from this week

Playlist 8/31/12

Hey Guys!!! Had an exciting show and an intern!!!! Huge thanks to him for doing such a great job with my show!!!! Keep your eyes open for Israel next quarter and listen in if you like what you heard!

Here's the music picked out by Israel,

And here's the rest of the playlist for the evening:

I must say, webcams and screenshots make my life so much easier. A special thanks to Connectix for the invention of the first commercially available web camera, and to who ever invented screenshots.