Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MEMO!!!!! :D

So in case you didn't notice my time slot at KUCI has changed this quarter. Euthanasia Can't Sleep will now air from 2-4am on Wednesday morning! It's a bit earlier but that means that more people can catch the show if they aren't trying to pull an all nighter! And for you night owls who are....just keep up what you are doing! I'm pretty excited about this quarter and we shall see where it take us. I've found a bunch of old radio serials and I'm going to try mixing that into every show from now on. Don't worry, there will still be music, but I think the serials will be tons of fun! So tune in at 88.9FM, stream in at KUCI.ORG, and stay up with Euthanasia Can't Sleep!!!!

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