Thursday, April 12, 2012

Special Guest At the Station!

Tonight's show will feature local artist Bryce Fergie as a musical guest. We will get a chance to listen to some of his originals works, and get to ask him a few questions!!! So listen in and support local music and young talent! You can stream in at or tune in at 88.9 FM KUCI from 2-4am this friday morning!

I'm also going to have Michael Martelle at the station as a guest host. I've got guests coming in from all over the place!
(Anyone want to stop by and say hi? I'm there from 1am-4:15ish)

Oh and a note about last week's playlist, I know I didn't get to some of the songs but I'm going to leave them on the playlist so you have a chance to listen to some new music. It's great stuff and I recommend you check some of those artists out!

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