Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Time Slot!!!

Euthanasia Can't Sleep is moving from a 3-6am time slot on Friday mornings to one from 12am-2am! So tune in early tonight (tomorrow morning) if you want to catch my show! I can promise that is will be loud and full of punk;)

Remember you can listen online at KUCI.ORG (the stream icon is in the upper right hand corner) in either high or lower quality and you can tune in on your radios at 88.9FM.

Also, call me at 949-UCI-KUCI, if you have any requests! (or post in the comments section) You can also call if you just want to say hi:D

I'm more excited about this than this husky is about getting that cookie!!!!! :D

I will talk to you guys soon!!!!!! 

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