Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guest Star on Show This Weekend

Michael Martelle, the talented guitarist will be guest starring on my show this weekend to give listeners an inside look at the recording process. He will actually be recording music on his guitar (and computer) at the station and explaining what he is doing as he goes along. Tune in, stream in, or just find some way to listen:D

On another note, this week is KUCI's fund drive!!!! We will be excepting donations from now until November 8th, and all you have to do is call in to donate! Make a pledge to support music at KUCI, keeping us non-commercial and allowing us to continue with our unique programming. If you decide that we are incredibly important to you and make a higher pledge, we just might send you a little something as a thanks for your support. Send us your love and your money, or just the love, or just the money, we except both. Call 949-824-5824 to donate or visit online at for more information. You can find the link on the blog too.
We accept checks and credit cards, not too sure about cash...but I'd take it;)

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  1. ok sooo it didnt go as planned but i will be posting a playlist soon