Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playlist 11/5/11

Due to some technical difficulty we couldn't get Michael Martelle's segment on the show, so he was a guest host instead! He picked out some great music for the second hour of the show and I would like to thank him for being so cool about the technical issues and helping me out.

So here is the Playlist for 11/5/11

Inspector 7 - Reshape - Banished to Bogey land (track 11)
Inspector 7 - Beyond Recognition - Banished to Bogey land(track 12)
Inspector 7 - Banished to Bogey land - Banished to Bogey Land (track 13)
12 Step Rebels - The Ballad of Frankenstein’s Monster - Go Go Graveyard Rockin’ (track 5)
12 Step Rebels - Curse of the Pentagram - Go Go Graveyard Rockin’ (track 12)
12 Step Rebels - Banshee’s Wail - Go Go Graveyard Rockin’ (track 7)
The Return - Halloween Every night - Danger Danger Silent Stranger(track 9)
The Return - Dirty Bird - Danger Danger Silent Stranger (track 2)
Vendetta Red - The Great Castration - Sisters of the Red Death (track 8)
Vendetta Red - Silhouette Serenade - Sisters of the Red Death (track 6)    

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Five Eight - Weirdo - Weirdo
Crossed Wire - I’m Yours - Crossed Wire
Death Cigarettes - Bleed You Dry - Bleed You Dry (EP)
Peter Case - Banks of the River - Wig!
Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union - The Moniter
Great Glass Elevator - Hey Ladies! - Metropolis 
Great Glass Elevator - Drugstore Cowboy - All in the Golden After
LetLive - Day 54 - Fake History
Links - Testify - (A Band)
Thunderbirds are Now! - Better Safe than Safari - justamustache
Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise - Profile - New Ground
The Sounds of Animals Fighting - On the Occasion of Wet Snow - The Ocean and the Sun 

And by the way, its a little late for this post but Happy 5th: the day time travel was invented!
(and sorry for the strange formatting)

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