Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playlist 2/15/12 - Valentine's Day Special!

Euthanasia Can’t Sleep : Valentine's Day Edition! (You may notice almost every band I played had the word love in it.)
Ltno & The Dead Sexy Inc. - Teenage Dust (Orgasmic Remix by the Penelopes) - Hollywood Sons-The  French Kiss (track 12)
The Loved Ones - 100k/Player Hater Anthem - Keep Your Heart (track 12,13)
Love History - Sown/Spiritual - Anasazi (track4,5)
Love In Reverse - Clean Song (album Version)/Wasting -Words Become Worms (track 14,15)
Love Spirals Downwards - Mediterranea/Scatter January - Idylls (track 14,15)
Lovelight Shine - Earth’s Last Lifeline/Foxxmeat - Makes Out (track 3,4)
Lovers - Winter Takes a Lover/ Now that You’re a Ghost - Star Lit Sunken Ship (track 5,6)
Lovewhip - Truth and Reconcilliation/Winnie the Wailer - Bouncehall (track7,8)
Love is All - Felt Tip/Spinning and Scratching - Nine Times that Same Song (track 7,8)
One Star - E.U.R.O.P.A - Love Ballads (track3)
The Bike - Slide On By - Love Ballads (track 4)
Love As Laughter - Crosseyed Beautiful Youngunz/Icarus - Holy EP (track 2,3)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8cYyxK56Cc&feature=related Joshua Thimell Covering Dark and Lovely 

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