Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playlist 2/22/12

This week's show contained nothing but new music to the station! Figured I would give you guys a taste of some of the great music thats coming in!

As always, I opened the show with some good old time radio and played you guys some Flash Gordon:)

***Opposition Ring - Brick by Brick/ Death Sentance (7,8) - Aftermathethematics track7, 8)
***DarkDriveClinic - Find the Flaw / Love’s Lost Cross - Noise in My Head (track 5,6)
***Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman/ Inhuman(Combichrist Remix) - Inhuman (track 1,2)
***yMusic - Clearing Dawn, Dance/ Song - Beautiful Mechanical (track 6, 7)
***Yellow Ostrich - I Got No Time for You / Stay at Home - Strange Land (track 4,5)
***Tennis - Petition / Robin - Young&Old (track 5,6)
***The Bananas - Jus’ Folks/Things will Get Worse - New Animals (track 8,9)
***Freex - Fruity Weave/Box - Simple Good (track 5,6)
***Straight Outta Junior High - Fantasy Football/ If I was Dead - Lamb of Godzilla (track 1,2)
***A Place To Bury Strangers - I Lost You / So Far Away - Onwards to the Wall (track 1,2)

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